TSUKI Cup 45
TSUKI Cup 45

TSUKI Cup 45

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TSUKI derives its namesake from the unique colour of the Yasada Kawara roof tile called 'iron-colour', resembling the crumpled appearance of 'tsuki', a Japanese word for the moon. The tableware is crafted in Yasudakawara, Japan. 

The production of the Yasada Kawara roof tile is said to have started during the tempo period (1830), and the commercial production started in the fourth year of Koka (1843). In the Meiji era when more army divisions were established and the extension or reconstruction of barracks increased throughout the nation, the Yasada Kawara tile was used throughout many army buildings, creating momentum for the tile burning industry and evoking a wide appreciation for the quality of the Yasuda Kawara tile. 

The Yasuda Kawara tile has topped the roofs of many time honoured building, including the reception house for the imperial messengers, and the building for hanging votive picture tablets at Yahiko Shrine, the former prefectural assembly hall, the former customhouse, as well as the Northern Culture Museum in Niigata City and more recently, the official residence of the govener. 

Designed by Satoshi Umeno (UMENODESIGN)

63mm x 47mm

Made In Japan

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