Each of ESS Laboratory’s garments is designed, hand cut and assembled at our Fitzroy atelier from natural fibres imported from Japan and Italy. There are virtually no synthetic fabrics and non-biodegradable materials; the focus is on cottons, linens, hemp, wool and silk. Intricate details such as buttons, made from natural materials such as shell and horn and self-covered, are individually sewn and designed to endure.

ESS Laboratory has eschewed the traditional fashion business model of releasing a collection every season, focusing instead on releasing small trans-seasonal batches periodically throughout the year. This allows us to keep all the manufacturing local and avoids wasteful inventory overflow and the demands of wholesaling. 

Only limited runs of each item are produced, to ensure the unique value of the brand and to maintain our important sustainable ethics.

We take special orders to the extended range, where fabrics are available, and are pleased to be able to work with our customers to have garments tailored and fitted.