AR301 Arabesque Earrings
AR301 Arabesque Earrings

AR301 Arabesque Earrings

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SIRI SIRI is a jewellery brand that delivers contemporary works by combining unorthodox materials with traditional craftsmanship. 

These beautiful earrings are from their seminal "Arabesque" Collection, whose geometric patterns represent the infinite extent of creation.

These earrings use a  "Awaji" motif knot used in traditional Japanese ceremonies - symbolically, the Awaji knot represents an everlasting relationship as tugging either side will pull both threads even closer. It is produced by one of the world's leading rattan craftsmen who also handles show collection pieces for ISSEY MIYAKE. 

The surface is not coated and is finished as is, and the material will darken with use.

Main: 100% Rattan
Hook: 14ct Gold

*Due to the hand crafted nature of the piece, there may be slight variations inherent to the design.

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