Stone Boulder Candle
Stone Boulder Candle
Stone Boulder Candle

Stone Boulder Candle

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The Stone Boulder Candle is hand made by A Little Light in Victoria.  A little light bring a new attitude to the ancient craft of candle making; the humble candle is elevated to become functional art for the home; born from a desire to live with passion, creativity and connection. These unique candles create a dramatic mood lighting for both your indoor and outdoor living areas. Available in 3 sizes, display the Stone Boulders individually or in clusters for greater impact. After burning for  an hour or so a pool of melted wax forms around each wick looking like a rock pool, reflecting the flame, and making a beautiful trio of elements – stone, water and fire. The Stone Boulder Candles are individually hand-poured in many shades of grey.
A Little Light use fully refined Paraffin wax in their candles, and their wicks are braided cotton imported from Germany, and known for their excellent quality.  They also add between 5%-10% Palm wax to each candle, which helps the flame to burn steadily and makes the candles appear richly opaque rather than slightly translucent. The Palm wax we source is sustainably produced, and accredited by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
Fully refined Paraffin is non-toxic and burns away almost completely, emitting negligible levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are common indoor air pollutants emitted by a wide variety of household products and building materials. 

Burning Time: sm 50 hours      med 80 hours          lg 100 hours 

Width:             sm 12cm (4.5”)  med 15cm (6’’)        lg 19cm (7.5”)   

Weight:           sm 850g          med 1600g                lg 2700g

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