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The La Ferme Jacket has all the hallmarks of an E.S.S. Laboratory classic. Taking inspiration from 19th century workwear and mens tailoring, subverting it to create a unique design. Now available in this unique Japanese cotton multi-check,this unisex jacket is unlined with a boxy fit and raw edged back hem. Combining the formal with the informal, this is a jacket for any occasion. This jacket like many of ours are washed post construction to empart a crinkled finish, subverting assumptions of formal wear. They can still be pressed flat should you require a more traditional finish.

Multi check / Dark Multi Check
100% Cotton
Made in Melbourne

Cold hand wash with mild detergent as necessary or dry clean. Please note that the wool/linen blend will be more succeptiple to pilling through wear and hand-washing. If this is of concern we recommend dry cleaning through a reputable cleaner and removing any pilling with a pilling machine.

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